Llafranc travels between tradition and modernity. Popular and prestigious destination for more than 50 years. The fine sandy bay, bordered by a pleasant walk that leads to the nautical port, is framed by the church of Santa Rosa de Lima, with a Roman wine press next to it, and the Sant Sebastià cape to the north. At this point we find the best views of our coastline, as well as the Monumental Complex of Sant Sebastià de la Guarda, formed by the Sant Sebastià lighthouse, the watchtower, the hermitage and the restored Iberian town. It is also a good point to start the coastal path towards Tamariu, passing through the Pedrosa cove, or to go in search of the Can Mina dels Torrents dolmen.

As outstanding activities, we have the Cantada de Habaneras de Llafranc, the first Saturday in August, and the Mercat Boig (Crazy Market), the first Saturday in September

Tradition and Modernity