The decontracting massage is used to relax the muscles in order to relieve the tensions that stress, lack of rest or bad posture can produce in them. Thus, this massage is not only highly recommended for those people who, due to excessive physical exercise, have been able to load a muscle. Also for those other people who, due to a sedentary lifestyle, force certain postures or adopt other inconvenient ones.
Among the benefits of decontracting massage, those with immediate effects on our body predominate. Thus, this massage is perfect to activate blood circulation, also to relieve the lymphatic system. These benefits are especially relevant for people who spend a lot of time sitting, or have a sedentary lifestyle.
On the other hand, given that vegetable oils are applied to facilitate the masseur's journey to the area to be massaged, among the benefits of decontracting massage it is worth mentioning that it helps to maintain an elastic skin, free of dead cells and nourished.

50 minute massage: € 70
80 minute massage: € 110

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