Cruïlles is a small town with a marked medieval character that preserves part of its wall and the Keep of the old castle. From the top of the tower, circular and 26 meters high that is located in the center of the town square, you will have an exceptional view of the monastery of Sant Miquel de Cruïlles with the Gavarres in the background and the plain of the Empordanet to the sea.

The Benedictine monastery of Sant Miquel de Cruïlles is a jewel of the Catalan Romanesque. In recent years, various conservation and restoration processes have been carried out. Inside, you can see fantastic Romanesque paintings of lions and the betrayal of Judas, the large baptismal font made of a single piece and other interesting elements such as Gothic ossuaries and graves. You can also see where the Cruïlles beam was located, a polychrome Romanesque beam that is currently exhibited in the Girona Art Museum.

Small Medieval Town