Four Colors Salad
Black Fungus and Shiitake Gyozas
Fish and Seafood Macaroni
Brandade of cod
Chickpeas with Cod Tripe and Black Sausage
Salmon Tartar
Tuna tartare
steak tartare


Desalted Cod Old Fashioned with Samfaina
Suquet de Monkfish in the style of the Fishermen
Chicken Meatballs and Perol Meat with Stewed Cuttlefish
Pork Feet stuffed with Prawns from Palamós
Roast Chicken with 5 Peppers and Rosemary
Iberian Secret with Garnish
Veggie Burger on the plate with Garnish
Vegan Chicken Popcorn with Garnish


Ratafia and Walnut Tiramisu
Dark Chocolate Couland
White Chocolate Couland
Ice Cream: Chocolate with Nutella, Citrus Sorbet or Strawberry Sorbet from Maresme and Cream

Includes glass of wine, water and bread

Remember that access in a swimsuit is not allowed.

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